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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uncommon Currency

In the natural, we all need to work to earn money to go about our daily lives. We spend years getting an education and learning trades that will help us provide for ourselves and our families. We interact with our families & friends, talking with them, hugging and kissing them, and so on. We're thrilled and grateful when we have a good job, home for our family, food in our bellies, education for our children! Without an income of some kind it's nearly impossible to live! In correlation, the Kingdom of God, which is of course a supernatural realm merging and converging with the natural realm, also has currencies for lack of a better word. Gold would be one epitomy of a powerful commodity that can be quickly turned into any currency around the world. God doesn't usually appear physically to us and sit down for a chat in our livingrooms or walk over and give us a hug! And yet, He is very present, as the Bible tells us, wherever we are in the four corners of the earth. We cannot escape His Presence! He longs for an intimate relationship with us and would like us to do and be the same. Praying, talking with the Lord, communing with Him, waiting on the Lord, is among many other things, a currency that is far weightier and precious, than gold. It can move mountains! It is the most common vehicle chosen for intimacy and communication in our relationship with our Creator! Prayer is hard currency! What is passionate prayer? Affectionate prayer? Wars, famines, and droughts have ceased after men and women have spent time in prayer! People have been saved, healed and delivered when the children of the Most High pray. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Praying is as real an act as putting your arms around the Lord Jesus like John the Beloved had the privilege of doing. Oh God teach us to pray!

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