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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thinly Veiled Vengeance

Too many people have chosen to say terrible things to others under the banner of telling the truth. This is not honesty but cruelty and thinly veiled vengeance. Honesty promises to remain tender and kind, full of hope and desire for the other person's growth. The more we remain honest with the other, the greater our desire will be to know and to be known, to know truth and to be pursued and seized by what is true, by the One who is true. Honesty frees us to care.

from: Leading With A Limp by Dan B. Allender, PhD p. 122

1 comment:

neverbethesame said...

I Love that, bro! He could even add the words ",or about others" after "to others" in the first sentence...:-)