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Saturday, April 12, 2008

You Know You’re In Pemba, Mozambique When…

From: Monica Miller

On a lighter note:

You know you’re in Pemba, Mozambique when…

1) You’re standing quietly in a crowd minding your own business and a baby on the back of the woman in front of you pees on your foot.

2) A monkey on a string bites you on the way to church.

3) You have to carry your Bible to the altar call, because someone might steal it.

4) Your skin lightens a whole shade after a shower.

5) When dressing up is considered wearing clothes that have only been worn once, and freshening up to go out consists of using a baby wipe.

6) You run around the back of the church during the altar call like a mad woman, because your scabies itch so badly.

7) You jump up and down for joy because you just got a light bulb in the bathroom.

8) Living with twelve girls in one room is considered ‘getting space’ (because you lived with 30 girls).

9) You are so moved by the Spirit you have to go jump into the ocean only to end up sitting on a rock crying as a strange fisherman picks a sea urchin out of your foot.

10) When the bathroom is a hole in the ground.

11) When goat for dinner sounds really good.

As you can tell, life here is as amusing as it is perplexing. We are happy, healthy and slightly dirty. More later. Love you all. Monica and Meredith.

From Expecting Miracles: True Stories of God’s Supernatural Power and How You Can Experience It by Heidi & Rolland Baker p. 44

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