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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All Fruitfulness Flows from Intimacy

Let Him love you. It's so much simpler than we thought. It's time to be transformed by His love so that there is no fear in you. Be wrecked for everything but His presence. Be so utterly abandoned in His love.

God in His glory will pour and pour His presence into people to the degree that entire nations will be transformed. He will pour His love out like a river, like an ocean. Let Him kiss you with the kisses of His mouth.

It's time to lie down and let God be God. He is mighty, and nothing is impossible with Him. He wants to kiss His Church, and transform you with His love.

We are called to be carriers of His glory. It's not about standing up and being an eloquent speaker. It's about being so close to the heart of God that you know what He's thinking. Then you're not afraid to go anywhere and say anything. The Lord Himself will do anything for radical lovers. He captivates us so that we can never go back. He wants to shatter your box. Often your God is still too small. It's His time for whole nations.

Lie down so that He can trust you with everyone. Then when you get up there is revival - when whole nations come to Him, falling on their faces. He changes us with one glance of His eyes, so that we are not afraid to be completely abandoned in His arms. Many want lots of power and anointing, but when you just lie down and let Him kill you, it's a good thing. He wants to love you to death.

We are finally realizing that we have failed and that we cannot bring about the kind of revival this world needs. In the secret place of Your heart, Jesus, we will rest. We will lie down. We will listen, until You tell us to stand up. When You tell us to stand up, we know that nations will come to You.

He's looking for union, not occasional worship, so that our nature is transformed. We must walk in His nature, and we must die daily.

Some people say, "Just get a grip. We've already done that." But it's a daily thing, a continual laying down. All fruitfulness flows from intimacy. There's no other place to get it. To the degree that we are united with the heart of Jesus, God will bring fruit in our lives. To the degree that you are in love with Him, you will be fruitful. I (Heidi) don't know anything else. I'm so desperate to stay in this place of abandonment. From this place nothing is impossible. I only have one message, passion and compassion. We're passionate lovers of God, so that we become absolutely nothing. His love fills us. When it's time to stand up, God stands up with us. We focus on His face, never on our ministry, anointing or numbers.

Excerpt from There Is Always Enough (Chapter 9) by Heidi & Rolland Baker, Iris Ministries

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Anonymous said...

This is what I want. I am desperate for you Jesus. Will you reach down and consume every piece I have not given away. Nothing else is worthy to desire only you. I am weak, make me strong. Help me.